CNN The Seventies
The final spots for the 2015 CNN Series "The Seventies," covering, you guessed it, the decade of the 1970s. Combining the iconic polaroid frame with time-tested hits from the period creates a series of spots which are both diverse and homogeneous.
TruTV Brand Relaunch
The New TruTV Brand relaunch on-air campaign and package created by Loyalkaspar in 2014. See LK's case study:
FYI Network Launch
The relaunch package of the TV network BIO as FYI.
CNN The Sixties - Loyalkaspar
Some snippets from the in-progress package for CNN's series of documentaries covering the monumentous decade that was the 1960s. Check out the full package including off air, web and more on air spots at
Fox Sports One Launch - Loyalkaspar
The sizzle summarizing the Fox Sports One network launch package created at Loyalkaspar during summer of 2013. Check out the full package, conceptual development and strategy over on LK's website:
DRIVE Main Title Boards
The Scorpion and the Frog tells the story of a scorpion who wants to cross a body of water. The scorpion cannot swim and approaches a frog to seek passage across the river. The frog is hesitant, well aware that the scorpion is a dangerous creature who is likely going to sting the him during the journey. The scorpion reassures the frog, explaining that if he stung the frog, they would both drown. The frog sees the logic in the scorpion's argument and agrees to carry the scorpion on his back across the water. However, half way across the river, the scorpion stings the frog. When the frog asks, "Why did you sting me?", the scorpion replies "Because it is my nature", after which both creatures drown. The story of the scorpion and the frog is one about understanding the inherent nature of some people. A scorpion is and always will be a killer. A criminal is and always will be a criminal. The thematic device of the scorpion boards for the movie Drive is intended to illustrate the concept of the frog and the scorpion fable while indicating that the nature of the Driver character played by Ryan Gosling is one of a killer who cannot help himself. By placing the scene under water, the narrative depicts the way in which, due to his nature, Gosling's character cannot help but drag his counterparts down with him on his spree of self-destruction and murder.
Disney XD: Halloween
Project created for Disney XD's halloween branding campaign in 2012. The spots revolved around a spookiness without becoming to terrifying. Created at LoyalKaspar in NYC.
Starbucks Spot: Boards
For this project I chose to make a commercial for a place I know and love. Starbucks is always a treat for me and I look forward to going there whether I need a pick me up or just a place to sit and think for a while. The thing I love most about Starbucks is the routine involved. Firstly, the anticipation of going perks me up. Secondly, I enjoy the fact that every time I walk into a Starbucks I know exactly what I want to drink, where I want to sit, who I want to talk to and what I plan on doing. It’s this consistency that makes a trip to Starbucks such a wonderful experience in my hectic lifestyle. Furthermore, Starbucks (& coffee culture in general) places a premium on atmosphere and homey-ness. I also wanted to communicate that the feeling of the building, the place, the drink, the experience all combine into one in order to communicate what a coffee goer really feels about their coffee shop.
Tokyo Game Show: Titles
For this project, we were told to select a festival of our choosing and create a main title sequence for it. I chose the Tokyo Game show. TGS is more or less the Asian version of E3 and focuses on Asian-market distribution and promotion of electronic entertainment content. For this project, I wanted to combine retro gaming motifs and an overall feeling of Japanese culture and art style.
Alchemy Advertisement
We were assigned the task of combining the concept of Alchemy with the aesthetic of an Infographic. I decided to go more with a tongue-and-cheek approach, drawing a lot of influence from the Bioshock Univers. I have attached the final boards as well as concept & reference.
Nick Jr Ident Boards
Nick Jr Ident Boards
Q + U
We were asked to create a series of 9-12 boards that showcase the idea of love through the use of Typography. My concept was based around the fact that in the English language, the letter "U" always follows the letter "Q" whenever it is present. I wanted to make a cute concept and present a scapbook showcasing their relationship before their marriage. In part, this concept was influenced by a "Q and U wedding" that we held in Grade School to celebrate their matrimony.
ABK: Always Be Knolling
Winner of 1st Place: Best boards for an animated sequence at SCAD COMOTION2012! Knolling is the habit of constantly arranging a workspace or area in a grid like pattern with all objects being parallel or perpendicular to one another. This was the topic we were given for a project in which we were to create a self portrait of ourselves in the form of boards for animation. I wanted to use knolling as a jumping off point, rather than a literal narrative element. I began to think of how human nature tends to knoll things naturally. Cities, floorplans, type and many other human creations are all very knolled. I wanted to contrast this with the more random, chaotic and beautiful way that nature arranges itself. I also wanted to use this contrast to express some elements of myself.
Naïveté: Hunter Gatherer
For this project we were instructed to create 8-12 boards for animation under the concept of Hunter Gatherer and the guidelines of naïveté. Concept Statement: "Express the naïveté of interpersonal relationships, how one person can be completely in the dark in regards to the other person. Express how an interpersonal relationship only allows for one point of view to be judged, and for decisions to made based soley on that point of view. Express how, especially in early relationships, a person can not understand the innerworkings of the conventional relationship and therefore be taken advantage of or blind to a situation. Create a ‘heart-hunter,’ a character who scavenges for hearts.This character is, however, blind.The character feels the need to collect these hearts even though he does not know why. Parallel to this collection, the character is unaware of the hearts being poisoned.This poison curroupts the hearts and eventually the character himself."
London Olympics 2012: Promo Boards
For this project we were asked to create a series of boards to promote the London Olympic games in 2012. My concept was to really link the city and the games into one entity. I wanted to showcase London but also the magnificence and history of the games themselves. I came to this visual solution. Almost all of the background images are taken from Google Maps and composited onto.
NXNE Trailer Boards
For this project, we were to create the title sequence for an upcoming festival and create 8 storyboards that would convey this concept. Due to the branding of the festival already being so lively, I chose to do a character-based sequence that would convey the personality of the festival as well as the different events it encompasses.
Character Design: Jungian Shadow
For this project, we were asked to create a character-based design to illustrate our Jungian Shadow. The Jungian shadow is everything we hide and dislike about ourselves. I chose to create an underwater diver. CONCEPT STATEMENT A diver is present in an underwater cave. The diver is in this cave alone, stripped of all contact. He is alone. The suit the diver wears looks robotic. The diver is performing some sort of ambiguous action such as collecting samples or walking around. The diver is surrounded with fish, plants and sea creatures. The diver will explore the unknown with the intention of learning something new. The diver should appear isolated. There will be an aura of anxiety mixed with a feeling of beauty and wonder. The diver will be too awkward to correctly interact with the space, but too curious to turn away from it, thus placing him in an ever-looping catch-22 situation.
History Channel Ident Boards
For this project we were given the task of creating boards for the History Channel under 2 styles that both illustrate the same concept. My concept was the fact that history is a web.