ABK: Always Be Knolling
Winner of 1st Place: Best boards for an animated sequence at SCAD COMOTION2012! Knolling is the habit of constantly arranging a workspace or area in a grid like pattern with all objects being parallel or perpendicular to one another. This was the topic we were given for a project in which we were to create a self portrait of ourselves in the form of boards for animation. I wanted to use knolling as a jumping off point, rather than a literal narrative element. I began to think of how human nature tends to knoll things naturally. Cities, floorplans, type and many other human creations are all very knolled. I wanted to contrast this with the more random, chaotic and beautiful way that nature arranges itself. I also wanted to use this contrast to express some elements of myself.
ABK: Always Be Knolling (Self Portrait)

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