FYI Network Launch
The relaunch package of the TV network BIO as FYI.
I had the opportunity to work on the launch of the new network FYI at Loyalkaspar. The experience brought me together with a number of tremendously skilled animators, editors and designers. Check out the full case-study over at LK's website:
I was part of the team animating the graphic elements, as well as the colorist for the talent and curation elements.
The list of contributors is vast, but includes:
Daniel Dörnemann - Creative Direction
Alexis Ames - Art Direction
Erik Van Der Wilden - Animation/Editing
Kazuyuki Ishii - Design/Animation
Kristen West - Design
Nadia Hussein - Animation
David Conklin - Animation/Color
Brent Chesnak - Animation/Editing
Nicole St. Germain - Producer
Rosalina Merrihue - Producer
And many more.
Check out the brand sizzle above for a quick taste:
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