Starbucks Spot: Boards
For this project I chose to make a commercial for a place I know and love. Starbucks is always a treat for me and I look forward to going there whether I need a pick me up or just a place to sit and think for a while. The thing I love most about Starbucks is the routine involved. Firstly, the anticipation of going perks me up. Secondly, I enjoy the fact that every time I walk into a Starbucks I know exactly what I want to drink, where I want to sit, who I want to talk to and what I plan on doing. It’s this consistency that makes a trip to Starbucks such a wonderful experience in my hectic lifestyle. Furthermore, Starbucks (& coffee culture in general) places a premium on atmosphere and homey-ness. I also wanted to communicate that the feeling of the building, the place, the drink, the experience all combine into one in order to communicate what a coffee goer really feels about their coffee shop.
I love Starbucks. Whenever I am having a hard day I know that I can go to a Starbucks anywhere in the world, grab my favorite cup of coffee, sit in my favorite chair and just think for a while.
These boards attempt to depict the feeling of home that I receive when I walk into a Starbucks, get my special drink and sit in my favorite chair. I did not want to emphasize the ritzy 'Coffee Culture' that so many people associate with Starbucks; instead, I tried to demonstrate the level of comfort something we know and love can bring us.
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